We raise our horses out on the range, where they breed, foal and grow up. They know how to cross a creek, turn around in a tight spot, and come off the mountain. Blue Valentine bred horses are a big part of our program. We stand three Blue Valentine bred studs and most of our mares have significant Blue Valentine influence.
Jan 09, 2020 · The Morgan (saddle type) horse breed traces back to Justin Morgan, foundation sire that was foaled in 1789 in Vermont. Although his breeding was unknown, many thought it to be of Dutch, Thoroughbred, or Arabian descent. Today, every registered Morgan traces back to Justin Morgan through his best-known sons–Bulrush, Sherman, and Woodbury.
NICHOLS QUARTER HORSES - Foundation bred horses including Driftwood, Clabber, Leo, Frosty Joe, and J...NICHOLS QUARTER Foundation bred ranch and performance horses in western utah.
There is a difference in the modern bred Appaloosas and the True Foundation Bred Appaloosa and once you have owned a Foundation Bred Appaloosa and learn about their intelligence, athletic abilities, and their gentle nature you will be converted. Our Horses are registered thru ApHC and pending FAHR.
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Find foundation Quarter Horses for sale whose pedigrees can be traced back to the original sires and dams that started the breed.
Ringstead's Foundation Breeding Horsessome of the horses who have made the foundation of our breeding program.
Here at Aupstart Farms we strive for quality foundation performance horses with sane minds, and show horse conformation. If you check out our pedigrees you'll find champions with speed and agility. We breed our mares to produce colts with a wide variety of abilities giving you the choice of which disciplines you would like to go from reining ...